TOKYO MX ‘More 2 of Tokyo! Institute for Vigorous Life #29′

President Watanabe Jun & Miyazaki Michiharu appeared.
26/12/2012 ’Nurturing healthy minds in children!’


Theatre for change
Landy, R.J. & Montgomery, D.T. (2012). New York: Palgrave.
President Watanabe Jun is mentioned as the key person in the development of educational drama and theatre in Japan. (pp.75-76)

Dramatic communication in the Japanese language
Noro, H., Hirata, O., Kawaguchi, Y. & Hashimoto, S. (eds.) Tokyo: Coco Publishing.
The SAOL is introduced on p.268.

USA Understanding for Junior and Senoir High School Students & Accompanying guidebook
Watanabe, J. (ed.)(2005). Tokyo: Akashi Shoten.
The website ‘List of Recommended Books Classified According to Faculties or Specialized Fields of the University of Tokyo’ lists the above for those who are interested in area studies with a focus on American culture.


Educational column ‘Rain, shine, and cloudy’, The Asahi Shimbun

President Watanabe Jun contributed six articles to the column.
No.1 26/07/2009 ‘Learning + experssion = acquisition-oriented lessons’
No.2 02/08/2009 ‘A student’s comment that changed me’
No.3 23/08/2009 ‘Teachers change with the help of their peers’
No.4 06/09/2009 ‘Still images: Learn through the whole body’
No.5 20/09/2009 ‘The UK is on the cutting edge of “drama” in education’
No.6 27/09/2009 ‘Teachers act out to create a deep field of learning’