The April (151st) regular meeting was held

14:00-17:30, Saturday, 10th April, 2021
Online on zoom
  1. Recent news of the participants
  2. Plans of the SAOL in SY2021, core members, fund-raising, and summer seminar
    Reporters: Mr Hatsuumi and Prof. Miyazaki

    1. Plans of the SAOL in SY2021
    2. Roles of core members and their appointment
    3. Finance for this school year
    4. Plans for summer seminar, Presenter: Prof. Miyazaki
  3. Report of the drama project seminar by BATJ (29th March)
    Reporters: Dr Perera, Ms Brand, Ms Fujimitsu, and Ms Kosuge

    1. Summary of lecture by Prof. Jonothan Neelands
    2. Summary of breakout sessions in the seminar
    3. Effects of brief comic stories
  4. Practice report ‘Suho’s White Horse’
    Reporter: Mr Kurihara
  5. Online party