The September (145th) regular meeting was held

14:00-17:55, Sunday, 20th September, 2020
Online on zoom
  1. Recent news of the participants
  2. Reflection on the summer seminar
    ★Group poem
    Participant offered (two) words each and categorised them to create a poem. It was then read aloud by Mr Hayashi in accordance with music, reminding participants of the scene of the seminar vividly!
  3. Report on the in-house seminar at Ikawa Compulsory Education School, Ikawa Town, Akita
    Reporter: Prof. Miyazaki
  4. Plans for the second half of this school year
    Reporter: Mr Hatsuumi
  5. Discussion on plans for the 19th presentation festival for high school students
    Reporter: Mr Hayakawa
  6. Online party
    Participants talked about various things over a booklet entitled ‘Bun-sui-rei (watershed)’ which was published in memory of Prof. Watanabe.