The 15th summer seminar was held

Reflection by participant Brand Nayuta

On Saturday, 22 August, 2020, the 15th summer seminar was held online. The seminar this time was different from the past ones in the following two points. One was that it was the first seminar after the baton was passed from the late president Watanabe Jun to deputy president Miyazaki Michiharu (Hirosaki University). The other point was that it was the first online seminar for us due to the spread of COVID-19. Nonetheless, we made a minute preparation for the day, with the belief that the significance of children participating in learning and acquiring wisdom on their initiative remains unchanged in an online or a physical, face-to-face classroom.

The morning session saw ice-breaking activities and a group work, where participants experienced creating a news show for the theme of ‘Our happiness in the days of COVID-19’. In the afternoon, Ms Kosuge Nozomi (Japan International School in Frankfurt) reflected on the warm-up activities in the morning, which was followed by a lecture by deputy president Miyazaki Michiharu entitled ‘What Watanebe Jun has left us: “What is active learning?”‘. In addition, Mr Hayashi Hisahiro (Seikei Elementary School) and Mr Oyake Ryota (Reitaku Junior and Senior High School) reported their practice. Numerous questions asked and ideas exchanged made the discussion between designated discussants and the tea party at the end lively, with topics including the elements of a successful activity, the way of public support, and ideals of forms of education. The materials of the day are available from below (in Japanese). Please abide by the copyright law and others in using.

We owe greatly to the teamwork and dedicated support of the technical staff around the world for the smooth operation of the day. It is true that there are still problems to be solved, but the seminar brought closer the new horizon of acquisition-oriented education. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all that were concerned.