New Year’s camp 2020 (the 140th meeting) was held

The annual new year’s camp was held from Sunday, 5 January to Monday, 6 January, 2020.

[Session 1: Presentation Festival for Adults]
This time, the camp started with Presentation Festival for Adults. The participants gathered at the Edo-Tokyo Museum, and took a tour of the museum, led by volunteer guides. The theme this time was ‘Publishing and information in Edo’. The party was divided into three groups. All the guides were kind enough to take the style of showing and explaining everything along the course. The participants ran out of time before they reached the corner for publishing and information in Edo, making it unrealistic to give presentations due to lack of resources. Therefore, the schedule was changed so that the participants could stay longer in the museum. They used the library attached to the museum whose rich resources helped them to have serious discussions.

The presentations were given in the evening in the following order:


  • Group C ‘News is something we create!’
  • Group B ‘Boys, Be Ambitious!’
  • Group A ‘Yoshi-ashi Konzai Banashi (a mixed story of good and bad)’
    Whole-group reflections

  • The contents were remarkable, considering that we did not have enough time
  • It was interesting to see how human relationships developed during the process of making the presentation
  • That was fun because the time was limited. I learned a new way of learning
  • The presentations seemed like skits depicting cultural comparisons. I found it hard to make a presentation
  • Each member’s personality was shown in the process. Presentations were wonderful, with resonance of different personalities
  • There were some problems in the ways of the facilitators
On the next day, three sessions were held over the morning and the afternoon.

[Session 2: The aftermath of the Akariza Tour in Gumma]
  Takasaki City Hokubu Primary School Reporter: Ms Kosuge Nozomi

[Session 3: New development of Japanese language education in Europe]
  Reporter Ms Fujimitsu Yuko (The Japan Foundation, London)
  Cooperation/Commentator Ms Makihara Kumiko (Japanese-German Center Berlin)

[Session 4: Activity plans of the SAOL]

All sessions saw serious discussions.