The December (139th) regular meeting was held

An open workshop was held on Saturday, 21 December. The facilitators were Professor Yoshida Mariko (Tsuda University) and Dr Takeda Fumiko (formerly Associate Professor at Ritsumeikan University). The theme was ‘Commemorating the publication of “Playing ” — Playing and learning’. As can be seen from the title, the two scholars coauthored the book ‘Playing ‘ (2019, Bansei Shobo). This workshop was held in commemoration of the publication.
Workshop: Takeda Fumiko & Yoshida Mariko

  1. Dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song ‘Happy’
  2. Participants’ physical expressions for given adjectives: ‘rough’ → ‘Happy’
  3. Making group sculptures
    1. One-minute speeches within groups about what the word ‘happy’ brings to mind and when
    2. Making a presentation by connecting the four ideas
    3. Group presentations: Group 1 ‘Children’s growth, Group 2 ‘A Day’, and Group 3 ‘Take Five’.

The main feature of the workshop was giving group presentations about the moments of happiness in the form of group sculpture. The participants commented, ‘I felt as if I gained a variety of experience,’ ‘The presentations were so vivid that I was able to visualise the scenes,’ ‘Seeing is sympathising,’ ‘I liked the inporvisation,’ among others.
In the end, Prof Yoshida concluded, ‘Drama work often deals with serious issues like social issues. I have often found myself caught in the seriousness. At the same time, I have also questioned myself whether that was the way it should be. I believe that we all have the right to be happy. “Being happy” is important. There ought to be the kind of drama work aiming at positiveness and/or resilience. In making a comprehensive compilation of work over the past seven years, I came to think that I wanted to end it being happy.’