The 137th (October) regular meeting was held

An open lecture was held in conjunction with the October regular meeting on Saturday, 26 October. The lecturer was Professor Misawa Kazumi at Musashino Art University (MAU). The theme was ‘art as a medium to bridge across heterogeneity’.

The first part took the form of a workshop, where the participants experienced ‘dialogic appreciation of art’. They exchanged comments in groups as they viewed Yorozu Tetsugoro’s ‘Nude Beauty’. Through the tactful facilitation of Prof Misawa and the exchange of comments, participants’ views of the painting changed gradually.
Prof Misawa gave a lecture in the session that followed. First, the participants were impressed with his active interaction with classrooms and the like, through projects such as ‘MAU on the road’, ‘Blackboard-jacking’, and ‘Freeloaders at MAU’. They were also impressed with his words, ‘Art is essential for human beings, especially children, as a bond between the spiritual/aesthetic world and the reality.’