The Summer Seminar was held

The 14th SAOL Summer Seminar was held on Wednesday, 7 August. The theme this year was ‘How to realise active learning: designing and administrating learning’.
Youthful presentations of ice-breaking activities by Ms Kosuge and the practice report by Mr Oyake in the general meeting in the morning gained popularity among the audience. In contrast, each workshop in the afternoon was run by a veteran facilitator with stability and uniqueness.
The Summer Seminars have increasing numbers of participants not only from all parts of Japan but also from all around the globe. In particular, those in the field of Japanese language education centring in Europe deserve special mention.

    Comments from participants

  • (The general meeting) offered me a chance to learn about an encouraging story. I can see students whose eyes are shining in Mr Oyake’s lessons. (In my workshop) I was stunned by the idea of creating a commercial out of ‘The Giant Turnip’!! Ideas poured out endlessly. All four of us cooperated with one another for the common goal of giving a presentation. That was a delightful experience of fulfillment and achievement.
  • I will do my best to bring my colleagues in City K (my workplace) next year.
  • Time flew in the morning and in the afternoon. I imagine this to be true with other concurrent sessions. The seminar enabled me to speculate on intrinsic matters while gaining a lot of practical hints at the same time…. I gained a lot of energy from this seminar.
  • I have been teaching for a fairly long time, but I have never experienced a seminar like this. I learned things that are hard to learn in my everyday life.