The Akariza Tour in Gumma was held

The Akariza Tour in Gumma was held on Tuesday, 30 July. That was a joint venture for teacher training between Municipal Hokubu Primary School in Takasaki, Gumma and the SAOL. Ten SAOL members visited the school to collaborate with nineteen teachers at Hokubu Primary School for a training programme.
The obejectives of the programme were 1) to foster intergenerational interaction in the staff room so that experience and wisdom of veteran teachers would be passed on to younger generations, and 2) to enable the participants to experience actual flows of active learning in a short time in order for them to visualise how active learning could be incorporated in their lessons. The programme progressed in a friendly manner, and ended with good results.
The programme of the day is the following:

  1. Warm-up activities (Mr Kurihara & Ms Sugiyama)
  2. (Morning) Workshop on development of human relations (Mr Hayashi & Mr Fujimaki)
  3. (Afternoon) Workshop ‘Research on teachers’ life course’ (Mr Miyazaki & Ms Kosuge)