The May regular meeting was held

On Saturday, 18 May, 2019, the May regular meeting was held. The lecturer was Professor Yamaji Hiroki (Vice-chief officer for examinations and research, National Center for University Entrance Examinations), and the theme was ‘What are the academic abilities expected of future college students — Active learning and reforms in college entrance examinations’. The items of the handout of the day are the following.

  1. What is the National Center for University Entrance Examinations?
  2. Transition to the new tests (the common tests for college entrance)
  3. What should be done in preparation for studies at college?: Taking responsibility for self-development — active learning and engagement

Professor Yamaji not only introduced the features of new tests but also spoke frankly about issues the new tests may pose. He went on to make a stimulating point of the possibility of the student’s initiative and autonomy falling back when active learning is interpreted formally. Equally impressive were the words (message) at the end of the handout.

‘It takes “courage” to be active (interacting with others equally, and thinking on your own). At the same time, however, that is the very reason why you can grow. Explore where you can find support, and move a little further.