The April regular meeting was held

On Saturday, 20 April, 2019, the April regular meeting was held as an open lecture. The theme was ‘Check these points out! Children’s mobile phones and smart phones — Learn about the complexity of the current situations of the Internet-based society, and avoid making your children either victims or assailants’. The lecturer was Mr Mokudai Jumpei (Director of Checkfield, Inc., government-approved e-media leader of Tokyo).
Mr Mokudai talked about fears of troubles on the Internet that children often fall into, about how problems can be avoided, and about the importance of mutual trust between parents and children, among others. The following is the list of items on the resume of the day.

  1. What is ‘Elsagate’?
  2. Environments that surround children today
  3. Let’s watch a movie and think — ‘Wait a minute, me on the day’ made by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government —
  4. Situations of smartphones today
  5. Situations of social media SNS
  6. What is ‘flaming’?
  7. Case study — Characteristics of ‘flaming’ as seen in real cases —
  8. Summary 1 (Solutions for children)
  9. Summary 2 (General help desk for solutions/consultation)
  10. Check list for assessing the level of Internet-addiction