Announcement from the SAOL

Demise of President Watanabe Jun

On 20 January, 2020, President Watanabe Jun (Professor at Nihon University) passed away. He was only 68 years old. It was just one day before the publication of his latest book What is active learning?, to writing of which he had devoted his life for almost a year. He was looking forward to seeing how people in society react to it. It was expected that he would contribute to and be active in education in Japan. The sorrow of the remaining members of the SAOL over his loss is beyond expression.
His wake on 26 January and funeral on the next day were attended by a lot of his colleagues and students at Nihon University, acquaintances, and friends, who felt sorry to part from him.

The SAOL pledges to continue to be active

The year 2020 is the fifteenth year since the foundation of the SAOL. We, at the SAOL, have determined to take over President Watanabe’s will and to continue to be active. Our member Professor Miyazaki Michiharu (Hirosaki University) has been appointed acting president. The steering committee has decided on the following two main points.
The first point is a review of President Watanabe’s writings to discuss what he has left for us. A serial reading session of his posthumous book What is active learning? will be held at our monthly meetings.
The second point is carrying out events and tasks that had already been planned. They include cooperating with teachers of the Japanese language at a training session in London, an annual summer seminar, and a presentation festival for high school students.
Seminars and events hosted by the SAOL will be announced to you this year, too. Your continued support will be highly appreciated.

The SAOL and Watanabe Jun Book Fair

In commemoration of the publication of ‘Fifty dramatic and other educational activities for lessons in elementary and middle schools’ (Meiji Tosho), we offer books by the SAOL and Watanabe Jun at discount prices. Click here for more information. This limited time offer is valid while supplies last.

    List (all items are in Japanese)

  • ‘What does it mean to be international?’
  • ‘Teachers: Directors of learning’
  • ‘Using drama as a means of instruction’
  • ‘Seventy warm-up activities for learning’
  • ‘Change the way you teach with the dramatic method’
  • ‘Educational presentations’
  • ‘Introduction to participatory activities’
  • ‘Fifty dramatic and other educational activities for lessons in elementary and middle schools’
  • ‘Exploring dramatic activities in education’
  • ‘Methods and techniques of education’
The 14th Summer Seminar, August 2019


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