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The 129th regular meeting was held

The 129th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 15 December. It was held as an open seminar where a dialogue between Prof. Ishii Hidemasa (Kyoto University) and Prof. Watanabe Takahiro (Tokyo Gakugei University) took place. The theme was ‘researcher-teachers x reflective teachers’. They talked about how to train teachers who will go beyond merely covering a given syllabus so that they can think on their own, practice the ideas and reflect on the practice. Having studied under the same professor at Kyoto University, both academics are the best friend of each other on the personal basis, but they did not hesitate to criticise each other as scholars. Their earnest conversation fascinated the participants.

The 128th regular meeting was held

The 128th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 17 November. Below are the procedures.

Open workshop ’Studies of teachers’ life courses: a case of Ms Morozumi’

    (Main contents)

  1. Explanation of the purposes of studies of teachers’ life courses and of the procedures by Prof. Watanabe
  2. Self-presentation of Ms Morozumi
  3. Group discussions on the information and preparations for group presentations
  4. Presentations
  5. Reflections

This programme has the following three objectives.

  1. To pursue active and expressive learning styles by combining interviews and semi-impromptu presentations,
  2. To promote communication between generations within the SAOL through interviews with experienced teachers and their response, and
  3. To develop and propose new in-service training for the age of mass retirement so that experience of veterans can be passed onto younger generations.

Basing on the experience of Ms Morozumi, all participants actively engaged themselves in interviews through presentations. As always, the meeting ended with fun and fulfilment.

The 127th regular meeting was held

The 127th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 20 October. The following was the programme.

  1. Introduction of schemes for publishing ’the SAOL books of activities’
  2. Open workshop ‘Introduction to the KP method’
    Facilitator: Mr Fujimaki Akira (Meguro Gakuin Junior and Senior High School)

The purpose of this event was to offer an additional opportunity for participants to experience workshops popular at the summer seminar. It went like the following.

  1. Explanation of the KP method by Mr Fujimaki
  2. Mini in-group presentations using the KP on the theme of ‘My favourite things’
  3. Brainstorming ideas using the mini-KP in search of a theme appropriate for a whole-group KP presentation
  4. From in-group presentations to presentations to the whole group
  5. Voting for the theme for whole-group presentations entitled ‘Embark on a journey for Japanese autumn’
  6. Each member wrote a keyword on a drawing paper on the basis of their theme
  7. Participants moved to a hall, where they arranged the order of presentations, after which they gave presentations in the form of a circle in a relay.

It turned out that knowing the basics of the KP method will lead to its application in various situations, including subject areas, moral education, and special activities classes. It is a method with enormous possibilities. The workshop was one filled with life and fun.

The 126th regular meeting was held

The 126th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 22 September. The agenda was the following.

  1. Reports of recent news of the participants
  2. Open seminar by Professor Ikeno Norio, ‘Citizenship education and drama in education: encompassing education for international understanding’

Prof. Ikeno’s speech not only stimulated the audience but also made view-broadening reference to the SAOL’s objectives of citizenship education and drama in education.

The 125th regular meeting was held

The 125th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 21 July. The contents were the following.

  1. Self-introduction
  2. Assignment of tasks for members at the summer seminar
  3. Discussion on plans for workshops at the summer seminar
  4. Announcement of miscellaneous information
    1. On the summer seminar
    2. On the progress of Vol. 4

With the summer seminar to be held the following month, facilitators of each workshop reported their plans at the meeting. The remaining members asked various questions and offered advice. The preparation for the seminar started in earnest.

The 124th regular meeting was held

The 124th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 16 June. The programme was the following:

  1. self-introduction
  2. study of teachers’ life courses
  3. brain storming for Vol.5
  4. announcements: (i) the summer seminar, and (ii) report on progress of Vol.4.

A study of teachers’ life courses was continued from last meeting. This time, activities to learn from Mr Shimoyama’s progress as a teacher. Like last time, they took the steps of <>. Participants were impressed with his unique career with many vicissitudes.

The 123rd regular meeting was held

The 123rd regular meeting was held on Saturday, 19 May. The main features are given below:


  1. self-introduction
  2. warm-ups (by Mr Kurihara)
  3. study of teachers’ life courses (learning from Mr Fukuyama and Mr Hayakawa’s progress as teachers)
  4. reports on progress of Vol.4 and discussion on the concept of Vol.5
  5. on preparation for the summer seminar.

The central point of the meeting was ‘study of teacher’s life courses’, from which participants learned about Mr Fukuyama and Mr Hayakawa’s progress as teachers. The result is to be reflected in Vol.5. The participants heard brief overviews of the two teachers’ long paths, starting from their birth through adolescence to days they served as teachers of middle standing and to now. The main points of their talk included 1. starting points for wanting to be teachers, 2. unforgettable students, 3. crises and turning points of their career, 4. encounter with acquisition-oriented education, 5. moments of their growth, and 6. messages for young teachers.

Below are comments of the participants:

  • I had a chance to understand what lies behind their ways of living. I was particularly impressed with how their families and the relations between their parents had influenced their lives. Hooray for their spirit of never giving up!
  • Both teachers live with the support of encounter with good teachers. I rediscovered the importance of the roles of teachers.
  • I was impressed with how they sticked to their well-grounded philosophy of life. I felt encouraged by them.

The 122nd regular meeting was held

The 122nd regular meeting was held on Saturday, 21 April. The contents were the following:

  1. reports on participants’ recent news
  2. explanations of activity plans for this year
  3. general explanations of the summer seminar
  4. open interviews
  5. reports on progress of Vol.4
  6. review of the presentation festival for high school students.

The meeting centred around interviews, where Mr Mishima Koji of Dramacation Spread Centre served as the interviewer. The interviewees were two members of the SAOL: Mr Miyazaki Michiharu (ex-teacher at Toho Elementary School) and Mr Kurihara Shigeru (ex-teacher of Tokyo Metropolitan elementary schools).
Main points asked of them were 1. current situations of communication among children, 2. reactions of children today to communication games, 3. contributions of communication games to classroom administration and possible applications and development of such games, and 4. frequency of opportunities for teachers to experience these communication games. Main comments on the points above given below.

  • Today’s children are really busy with school, lessons and cram schools. They rarely have chances to nurture communication skills.
  • Teachers themselves should be aware of their own physicality. Otherwise, they couldn’t grasp children’s physicality.
  • Teachers should be guaranteed of experience of learning because of the similarity of learning.
  • How educational activities can be employed is the major obstacle. Small activities will provide a good starting point.

The 121st regular meeting was held

Please find below information on the last regular meeting of the SY held on Saturday, 17th March.

(1) First, Mr Hayamawa and Ms Kosuge reported on ‘The second all-France inter-highschool assembly for presentations in the Japanese language’ (held at the Institute of Japanese Culture in Paris on 3rd March). With great excitement, the two teachers spoke about the presentations by French high school students, showing slides depicting the assembly. The assembly was planned and run by Ms Fujimitsu Yuko, a staff member of the institute of Japanese culture in Paris, as well as a member of the SAOL.
*Links to the site of the assembly
(2) Second, progress of the preparation for Volume 4 was reported. It was reported that the publisher was changed from Junposha to Gakuji Shuppan, that almost all manuscripts had been submitted, and that the manuscripts were to be submitted to the publisher in the middle of May.
(3) For a practice report, Mr Miyazaki (Toho Elementary School) presented his ‘projects of school trip in Hiroshima’. The projects consisted of preparations, the ways his pupils listened, in Hiroshima, to stories narrated by hibakushas, victims of the atomic bomb, and presentations of their learning after coming back to Tokyo. Mr Miyazaki had tactically planned the project to have a learning circle of goal setting, research, reorganisation of pupils’ knowledge, and presentations. It was also noteworthy that activities that require ‘learning through expression’ was embedded in each stage of the learning process.
(4) Finally, participants prepared for ‘the 17th presentation festival of high school students’ (scheduled for 27th March at Fukagawa Edo Museum). Mr Hayakawa is the chair of the steering committee.

The 106th regular meeting was held

The 106th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 17 September.

This meeting began with a warm-up activity lead by Miyazaki Michiharu (Toho Elementary School). We were divided into two groups and went through the activity “relay of feelings” from the Project Adventure.

We then reflected on the “11th SAOL’s Summer Seminar” which was held on August 7 (Sunday).

Focused on eight contents of the workshops, the timing, theme and program configuration, we exchanged views about the role sharing as well.

In addition, for the meeting the following month, we discussed and brain-stormed about what to ask r what to talk about with Matsushita Kayo (Kyoto University), who will be invited.

The plan for the second half of this year and the ‘High School Presentation Festa’ on November 20 (Sunday) was also reported on.