The 18th presentation festival for high school students was held

On Tuesday, 26 March 2019, the 18th presentation festival for high school students hosted by the SAOL was held. It took place at Koto Fukagawa Edo Museum.
The aims of the presentation festival are the following.

  1. To gain vivid insight into ways of life and people in the Edo period on the basis of the materials and explanations provided.
  2. To experience understanding other high school students and reaching consensus with them on the first encounter, through research, discussion, and presentation on a given topic.
  3. To build on self-confidence, nurture expressive competence, and develop presentation skills through presentations.

Thirty-three students from various kinds of school, such as government schools, private schools, boys schools, girls school, and international schools, gathered on the day. Those high school students, who meet each other for the first time on the day, got into groups, did research and discussed with each other so that they could give a semi-extemporaneous presentation at the end of the day.
There were scenes of powerful performance in each group’s presentation. One group gave a quiz on important points, while another showed a sense of present-day humour. Still another group devised a bold way of using items in the museum. The participating students gained a great sense of achievement on the day by experiencing in a short time a range of activities from sharing ideas in groups to summarising and/or adjusting the ideas, and to expressing them by taking on roles.