The March regular meeting was held

The March regular meeting was held on Saturday, 16 March, 2019. Mr Terasaki Ken (Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design) was invited to this meeting as a lecturer. The title was ‘From integrated studies to active learning’.
Professor Terawaki entered the then Ministry of Education in 1975, since when he pursued his career in educational administration. In the 1990s he came to be known as leader of ‘pressure-free education’.
The following are the main points. The concept of ‘life-long learning’ was proposed as a remedy for educational issues such as ‘violence at schools’, ‘cramming education’, and ‘fierce “wars” of entrance examinations’ in the 1970s. Educational administration after that time followed paths towards realisation of life-long learning. Although seemingly unrelated with each other, various reforms, including the introduction of integrated studies, the establishment credit system high schools, and the introduction of the five-day school week, were all rooted in the concept of life-long learning — and active learning is no exception.
The lecture offered us a precious time to learn about some of the movements and the concepts that lie behind educational reforms as they rarely become public.