The 128th regular meeting was held

The 128th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 17 November. Below are the procedures.

Open workshop ’Studies of teachers’ life courses: a case of Ms Morozumi’

    (Main contents)

  1. Explanation of the purposes of studies of teachers’ life courses and of the procedures by Prof. Watanabe
  2. Self-presentation of Ms Morozumi
  3. Group discussions on the information and preparations for group presentations
  4. Presentations
  5. Reflections

This programme has the following three objectives.

  1. To pursue active and expressive learning styles by combining interviews and semi-impromptu presentations,
  2. To promote communication between generations within the SAOL through interviews with experienced teachers and their response, and
  3. To develop and propose new in-service training for the age of mass retirement so that experience of veterans can be passed onto younger generations.

Basing on the experience of Ms Morozumi, all participants actively engaged themselves in interviews through presentations. As always, the meeting ended with fun and fulfilment.