The 127th regular meeting was held

The 127th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 20 October. The following was the programme.

  1. Introduction of schemes for publishing ’the SAOL books of activities’
  2. Open workshop ‘Introduction to the KP method’
    Facilitator: Mr Fujimaki Akira (Meguro Gakuin Junior and Senior High School)

The purpose of this event was to offer an additional opportunity for participants to experience workshops popular at the summer seminar. It went like the following.

  1. Explanation of the KP method by Mr Fujimaki
  2. Mini in-group presentations using the KP on the theme of ‘My favourite things’
  3. Brainstorming ideas using the mini-KP in search of a theme appropriate for a whole-group KP presentation
  4. From in-group presentations to presentations to the whole group
  5. Voting for the theme for whole-group presentations entitled ‘Embark on a journey for Japanese autumn’
  6. Each member wrote a keyword on a drawing paper on the basis of their theme
  7. Participants moved to a hall, where they arranged the order of presentations, after which they gave presentations in the form of a circle in a relay.

It turned out that knowing the basics of the KP method will lead to its application in various situations, including subject areas, moral education, and special activities classes. It is a method with enormous possibilities. The workshop was one filled with life and fun.