The 106th regular meeting was held

The 106th regular meeting was held on Saturday, 17 September.

This meeting began with a warm-up activity lead by Miyazaki Michiharu (Toho Elementary School). We were divided into two groups and went through the activity “relay of feelings” from the Project Adventure.

We then reflected on the “11th SAOL’s Summer Seminar” which was held on August 7 (Sunday).

Focused on eight contents of the workshops, the timing, theme and program configuration, we exchanged views about the role sharing as well.

In addition, for the meeting the following month, we discussed and brain-stormed about what to ask r what to talk about with Matsushita Kayo (Kyoto University), who will be invited.

The plan for the second half of this year and the ‘High School Presentation Festa’ on November 20 (Sunday) was also reported on.