The 11th summer seminar was held

The 11th SAOL Summer Seminar was held on August 7, (Sun), deepening our path to active learning.
We are thankful to a number of educators who attended the seminar.

◆ There was a participation of a total of 75 people, including those who participated from abroad. As the current feature, a lot of teachers in active service from elementary schools to high schools joined. It was the first time for many of them to join our SAOL seminar.

◆ The morning program began with a warm-up activity, moving on to a plenary session. Following the keynote proposals on active learning, two of the reporters introduced the practices and knowledge titled “My activities leverage surgery”.

◆ Following the session, workshops were held. Each workshop had two facilitators and each one had a completely different theme and involved the participants by using a different approach. Young participants to veteran participants, with excitement and an unrestrained manner, enjoyed the world of learning.

◆ At the end of the day, a tea party was held. All the participants enjoyed various activities such as “business card exchange game”, “walk & gather” and “Let’s share the ideas.” Even after the time was up, it was impressive to see a number of groups still working.