The 102nd regular meeting was held

The 102nd regular meeting was held on Saturday, 16th April.
After two-minute speeches by the participants on their recent news, they reflected on the spring seminar on Saturday, 26th March. Ideas were exchanged on the administration as well as on the morning symposium and the afternoon workshop.
On the basis of the reflection, the participants went on to discuss plans for a summer seminar to be held on Sunday, 7th August. The theme of the summer seminar is ‘Introduce multifaceted learning to the classroom through activities!! –Ways of enjoying active learning–‘. The participants brainstormed how the accumulation of the SAOL’s research findings could help make the seminar beneficial for both those who are new to dramatic activities and those with experience.
In between the discussions on the two seminars, president Watanabe reported on his visit to four schools in Devon, located in the south-west part of England. For details, refer to Watanabe’s blog.