The 10th annual spring seminar was held

The 10th annual spring seminar was held on Saturday, 26th March. We are thankful to a number of educators who attended the seminar in spite of their busy schedule at the end of a school year.
The theme this time was ‘Active learning and educational presentations’. The seminar provided an opportunity to publicise a compilation of the SAOL’s endeavor in educational presentation over the last four years, making reference to our newest book ‘Educational presentations — Their purposes, techniques, and practice’ which was published by Junposha in November of last year.
In the keynote, our president Watanabe Jun reported how educational presentation is inseparable from active learning. In the special practice report that followed, Mishima Koji (Dramacation Spread Centre) talked about his effort and achievements as a facilitator at schools with intensive support from the Tokyo metropolitan government. In the symposium at the end of the morning session, Kosuge Nozomi (Shibukawa city primary school), Hayakawa Norio (Nakamura High School), & Watanabe Takahiro (Tokyo Gakugei University) spoke each of their exploration around the significance of incorporating presentation activities in their classrooms towards the goal of active learning.
The afternoon session took the form of a workshop, where participants were divided into three groups and experience making a presentation on the issue of ‘lowering the voting age to 18’. A number of participants commented on the workshop, saying they found it important that teachers themselves be engaged in activities like the ones introduced that day because their presentations were the fruit of discussion with other participants.