Our latest ‘Introduction to participatory activities
on sale from Gakuji-shuppan on 14th August


  1. Tools for learning: 30 must-know activities
    1. Basic warm-up activities
    2. Basic activities for research work
    3. Basic activities for discussion/debate
    4. Basic activities for presentation
    5. Basic activities for drama work
  2. Directing ways of learning: 20 key points for ‘designing + administration + reflection’
    1. Designing learning
    2. Administering learning
    3. Reflecting on learning
  3. Practice reports: How I make use of educational activities
    1. Connecting schools in Gumma and Tokyo via Skype (Elementary school)
    2. Lessons of social studies using hot seating (Middle school)
    3. Cambodia sewing project (High school)
    4. The all-France inter-highschool assembly for presentations in the Japanese language
  4. Guide: To be ‘a teacher = a director of learning’ –Introduction to the acquisition-oriented learning

The 13th summer seminar (August 2018)

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